Music and Growth

Music and Growth

The South African industry is growing intensively and more talent is being discovered. Hip hop and House music are growing and the youth of South Africa is buying and supporting South African music and they are going to the events. Kwaito music is still popular but the more the South African music grows more styles and genres are coming into the scene and Kwaito music is not as popular like it was in the 90s.


Music industry

The South African music industry is now changing their style of creating music. Trap music which is popular in America is now taking over and it is becoming popular even in South Africa. There are South African artists, who have not changed their styles of music such as KhuliChana, HHP and Tokolo. Their music has a bit of old school in it and they use vernacular which makes their sound urbaner but with a bit of township life which is also known as “loxion culture”.

There are other young hip-hop artists that are new in the industry that rap in both English and Zulu or any other South African languages such as Kwesta and Casper Nyovest. They are now dominating and they are taking over the industry by storm. Their music is different and unique they are taking local hip hop music to another level. There are a lot of up and coming artists who also want to change the South African music and bring more uniqueness to it. Artists like Oskido who is the founder of the recording label KalawaJazzmine has been in the industry for over 20 years and he has different artists that are within his recording label that have different styles and genre of music. So regardless of how established you are in the music industry you need to be ahead of time and explore more within the music industry as well as find new talents that can grow and bring new and interesting elements to the South African music industry. There are genres of music that are also growing and they are changing the music scene such as Afro jazz which is known to be soulful RnB with a bit of African romance and infusion. This is African romance and it has a unique style that will make you fall in love with it.


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