Mzansi is Awesome


Africa is a beautiful continent and it has different cultures that are unique and interesting. The safaris are also exquisite and of course, the big five is one of the best animals that we have. South Africa is also one of the biggest tourist attractions and it is a beautiful country with Provinces that are all different and the lifestyle is suitable for the residence.
South African lifestyleAzA
The culture of South Africa is known for its cultural diversity. Some people from European countries believe that South Africa has a large substantial number of rural inhabitants. What they do not know is that South Africa is a developing country and it has beautiful cities and the people of South Africa live in beautiful suburbs and townships.
South Africa has become urbanised and westernised. During the apartheid-era, Afrikaans was the most dominant language. Now people South Africa speak their ethnic languages as well as English. Slang has also taken over and the youth uses slang language to communicate on social media and on a daily basis.
South Africa also has a lot of people from foreign countries who reside in South Africa and they have also adapted to the lifestyle and they love the warm and loving ambience of the South African people. Although South Africa has different cultures but the people of South Africa had adjusted to accepting the different cultures from different continents of the world. South African people are known to be friendly and welcoming. They willing to learn new things and their level of acceptance are significant. Although there have been some xenophobic attacks but a lot of the South African people are against that and they even rest out their properties to foreigners. In South African townships you can find foreigners who own businesses and the residence of those townships take good care of them and they support their businesses. This shows that South Africans are good and loving people regardless of the xenophobic attacks most of the South African people have welcomed people from different cultures and religions. South Africa is a country that is filed with amazing and loving people. The South African history is also one of the key elements that make South Africa a heart-warming country.

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