The Importance of Using the Media


For years now the media industry has played a big role in our lives. We can get breaking news or the weather report through television, radio, newspapers, and cell phones and by using the internet. The media is the most resourceful way to get informed and made aware of anything that is happening in our communities, continent and the world. We are able to know about what goes on in other planets and how animals live through geographic channels. The media industry is so helpful and it helps us keep track of what goes on in the world and it is informative.AzA


The role of media

One of the biggest roles that the media industry plays is that it provides information. The world needs to be informed about the current issues. Whether it is election season or when there are violent protests the media is always there to capture all the great stories. Television always broadcasts the important news from the economical currencies to events and traffic updates. Radio also plays a big role because while you are on the road whether you are using public transport or your own vehicle you can catch up on the traffic update or news on the radio. Some people do not have access to a radio or television so they prefer buying a newspaper so they read and catch up on the leading breakthroughs and the economic changes.


Media methods of communication

One of the most important facts about media is getting the message across. There are different ways to communicate which are:

  • Telecommunication
  • Face to face communication
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Emails
  • Internet
  • Social media

You are probably wondering why an email is considered as a form of communication in the media industry. Some media companies communicate with their fans through emails. For example if you would like to tell your story or comment about a topic on your favourite TV show then you can send an email to them and they can read it on air. This gives viewers and listeners the opportunity to express themselves about certain topics and share their views. Social media is also trending because broadcasters are now using social media to communicate with their fans. This is also a fast way to interact with the listeners and viewers because radio Djs, TV presenters and news anchors can read the tweets and Facebook messages immediately live.


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