The Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking


Social media and social networking are not that different from each other. Social media is a way to share information with a broad audience. Social networking is an act of engagement this is when a group of people who have a common interest associate and communicate through social networking sites. Communication can be done in different ways what is important is that people need to be informed through communication in order for them to get the latest news and to interact quick and easy.

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Social media is now trending and it is the most effective tool of communication. Social media is a format that delivers a message. Social media is a system that is used to simply disseminate information in a quick and effective way. Social networking communication works in two ways. Social networking targets the subject matter or the atmosphere that a certain group of people congregate to join others with similar experiences, interests and backgrounds. This is different people who want to interact with a common vision and goal.

Social networking is good for people who want to grow and gain more investments for their businesses. This gives them the opportunity to get more information through people who have businesses that are growing intensively. Face to face communication is good as well as word of mouth. This is also a good platform for people who want to investors and business partners.

With social media, you do not interact on a personal level but you can get to know the person better by communicating online. You can make friends from all parts of the world. Facebook is one of the leading social media communication tools. You can add people by sending them a friendship request. This allows you to share your views, post pictures and also promote your business. Whatsapp is also leading because a lot of people find it quicker and easy to communicate. You can buy data which can last you for long, send messages and voice notes, you can share documents, music and pictures and the reply will not take long because people are always on WhatsApp.

How you choose to communicate is a personal decision that works for you. If you prefer to use social media as a form of communication then that is great and if you prefer social networking as a form of interacting then that is also a good thing. How people communicate is more important than anything.


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