Online Television (internet television) is the distribution of television content digitally through the Internet. This is different to dedicated terrestrial television and any other sort of cable television (DSTV) and satellite television system that can only carry video. It is also known as web television– this phrase is used to describe television shows that are programed online only.

Online Television Network is an OTT (over-the-top technology), it is shown through an open and unmanaged Internet. The OTT is an Internet Protocol television, it is a system which delivers television services through a use of the Internet protocol over a highly packet-switched network like LAN or the Internet; instead of the television services getting delivered through the normal satellite signal, traditional terrestrial or through the format of cable television.

The IPTV uses the OTT to send data but the IPTV works in a closed system, which is a managed and dedicated network which is controlled by cable, telephone or satellite companies. IPTV simply just replaces traditional digital television channels with digital channels that use very busy switched transmission.

The old system and the new systems are very similar, people that are subscribers have other customer-premises equipment that speaks directly over company owned with central office servers. Packets do not travel over the public Internet, this results in the television providers being guaranteed enough local bandwidth for each and every customer’s needs.

Internet Protocol is a cheap and standardized way to give two-way communication and to also address different data to different customers. This will support Digital Video Recorder (DVR) like features for time shifting television, like to watch a television show which was shown days ago or a few hours back from its beginning. This supports videos on demand as well.

IPTV have an ongoing standardization process. They are so many companies providing internet television services already and even conventional television stations have taken advantage of the Internet by using it as a way to keep showing their television shows, even though they have already been broadcasted. The television shows are often advertised as “on-demand” services and “catch-up” services.

In Today’s age, there is a large amount of main broadcasters running an internet television platform. Broadcasting companies like the BBC also use Internet television for people to watch recently shown content online or whenever they do not have a television in front of them.

Most of the Internet television services allow people to watch shows for free but there’s a large amount of Internet television services that charge you. Sorele Media t/a AZATV has a free range of channels which allow you to watch entertainment shows, talk shows and lifestyle shows which you can enjoy everywhere you go.

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