Why You Need a Media Firm to Handle your Corporate Videos

Why You Need a Media Firm to Handle your Corporate Videos

Creating and distributing corporate videos may be a crucial part of your company’s outreach schemes; whether it be for marketing, PR or for the benefit of your employees or partners, many companies find the creation of corporate videos largely beneficial. In South Africa, we are a culture made up of trendy, media savvy consumers who are often not easily impressed. So if you were thinking of having an amateur handle corporate videos for you, or you were thinking of taking a crack at it yourself, then here are a few good reasons why you should rather have a professional media agency do it for you.

The cost of Equipment and Personnel

Creating a decent corporate video is no easy task. Most of the time, content creation requires not just one or two, but an entire team of people from scrip writers to camera-men, sound engineers, editors and directors. Besides the man-power involved, lights, tracks, cameras, sound booms and editing software are often way too expensive for a firm to fit the bills themselves.

By hiring a media agency to handle it for you, you are enlisting in their collection of expertise and equipment instead, which means you’ll save money in the long run.

Putting your Best Foot Forward

The goal behind a corporate video should always be to impress. Whether the message is informative, appellative or persuasive, the goal is still the same. Having a video that has clearly been created by an amateur could leave a bad taste in your targets mouth, giving off a negative image instead of a good one. When something is made badly it can be very painful to sit through, so having a professional agency handle it for you will make your videos more captivating and interesting to watch.

Impressing your Target

The production of your video should be centred around your target, and who better to anchor down on their cultural interests than a media firm who specialises in reaching your audience in this way. Many media companies specialise in niche markets; some are strictly comedic, informative, or as is often the case in SA, create media content for Africans by Africans.

Corporate Videos_001Media Production: Canons, Conventions and Training

The final reason to have a media agency handle your corporate videos is to ensure that in its production, all of the industry standard canons and conventions are met. This kind of knowledge can only be attained from years of hard-work, studying, experimentation and experience. When an amateur attempts to produce content, these conventions are more often than not completely lacking, and it is noticeable to the discerning eye and the layman alike. This should be reason enough to opt for assistance from an experienced professional media firm like Sorele Media.



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