Imagine a nine-year old child in today’s generation- the child, most probably, already owns one of the following devices: a tablet, smart phone or computer which they use to watch videos, play games and research topics that interest them. By the time that the child gets to university, their online viewing experience will be incredibly greater than the viewing experience of the children who grew up in the nineteenth century for example.

The age of television is coming to a standstill due to the World Wide Web claiming more and more of people’s screen viewing time. Many people say that TV is here to stay, however, televisions are undergoing a major transformation to try and keep up with the World Wide Web.

For the average person today, TV is very valuable because they provide entertainment and can be very educational because they keep us up to date with what is happening in the world we live in.

Cable companies are facing a lot of pressure from OTT (over-the-top) providers, like Netflix and Hulu who have changed the revolution of viewing because they send their content through the Internet. We are officially seeing how the walls that previously protected the TV business are collapsing due to new entrants in the market environment.

How can television sets still be relevant in an age where tablets, laptops and smartphones are considered to be the future?

Watching TV has become fragmented because people do not have as much time to sit down and watch TV. Their “screen time” is shared with tablets, laptops and phones. Research shows that sixty two percent of people that watch TV use a laptop or computer and the other forty one percent use a mobile phone. Mobile phones have a widespread of high speed wireless Internet connectivity which makes the viewing experience much more interactive, consumable and sharable in real time.

Television broadcasting network companies are at risk of becoming insolvent! They need to act more promptly and assertively if they want to stand a chance of surviving the new age which is focused on the World Wide Web.

The decisions that are being made by Amazon and Google have effects much further than the media business itself. They have a big impact on the world of education. They are changing the development of a host of new content delivery products and they have even reshaped the role in which media has.

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